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MPS Data Management Specialist -Entry Level - Commack, NY

Quick Facts
Company Name:Carr Business Systems
Location:Commack, NY
Employment Type:Full Time
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 This is an entry level position.  As an MPS Data Management Specialist you'll primarily be responsible for visiting customers to identify and collect data on their office equipment type and usage. You will take that data and create accurate and complete reports for system upload to assist the sales team and ensure all contract billing information is captured. This position requires a high degree of independence, accountability, and an ability to work with varying levels of supervision. Each day will be unique, requiring an ability to prioritize, multitask, think creatively, take initiative, and employ a diverse set of skills.


Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Visiting customers to:
    • Install or coordinate installation of 360App Carr's remote meter monitoring software
    • Identify networked/local devices and apply applicable EQ ID Tag
    • Pull Configuration pages, recording location and ID
    • Create and submit addendum Excel file
    • Scan configuration pages collected for data retention
    • Obtain manual meter reads from their devices
  • Monitor Suspect Device Report
    • Determine suspect devices to add to contract from remote software reporting
    • Visit customer to apply EQ ID Tag to suspects and discover locals not identified in FMA report
    • Submit list to Contract Billing to create equipment record in eAutomate (EA) and to add the equipment record to the contract
    • Track devices added
    • Update Print Specialist with findings in the event the contract needs to be renegotiated
  • Maintain accurate contact information and settings to ensure meter requests are received by customers
  • Review print accounts with large disparity between contracted and reporting.
    • If necessary, perform walkthrough on customer site to do inventory
    • Pull configuration pages, add unmanaged devices, look for network settings to add
    • Submit devices to be added to Contract Billing
    • Identify devices for potential "Flat Rates" and notify print specialist of accounts where they may need to renegotiate
  • Notify the Contracts Department when meters need correction so proper action is taken
  • Identify existing customers without Carr's remote meter software and perform the installation or escalate as determined by department guidelines
  • Notify the Contracts Department of non-managed devices that should be on contract
  • Notify the Contracts Department of device(s) that should be removed from contract accompanied by the customer's request to cancel
  • Reprogram serial numbers on printers where boards were swapped by service
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel
  • Familiarity with basic computer network structure and terms
  • A high level of analytical ability, data entry accuracy, and focus on data integrity is required
  • Self-motivated and directed
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to include verbal and written communication
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple concurrent tasks and work under a fast paced environment


Experience Requirements:

  • 2+ years equivalent work experience in customer service utilizing integrated CRM/ERP.
  • Preferred experience in coding or data analysis/reconciliation.


Education Requirements:

  • A College degree is preferred in order to express complex thoughts clearly in writing, perform calculations, keep complex records, and/or deal effectively with other people.